White Label Solution

We will create a trading EA (Robot) for you under your own brand for resale purposes.


what is our white label solution ?


  • Choose the EA strategy of  your choice from our top of the line EA`S.

  • Redesign and rename it to your desired look , color and name.

  • Start Selling your new EA using your business and brand.


How does this work?


These tools are created by our team of developers who have over 7 years of experience, they have been designed to be fully automatic by analyzing the market and deciding when to open and close trades accurately. All these tools have verified results on respected platforms like Myfxbook and come with money management and risk limits.

Below are the links to our best selling and performing trading tools which our white label service is based on. You can check each tool and their performance before making the choice of which is the right one for your brand.

Lucky Trade Live Statement  :





Dragon Fire Live Statement :


How do I apply?

After choosing your desired tool contact us on WhatsApp and we will proceed in creating this tool exactly the same as what you saw when making your choice with no changes in the settings or strategies.

However the look (Mt5 box color) and product name will be personalized based on your brand and given information, the reason for this is so your product will be completely different to ours however will perform just as good.

Please Note:

Due to not wanting these strategies to gain mass exposure and to also protect our sellers, we have decided to keep our white label services limited to 10 per strategy.

This is why after contacting us on WhatsApp we will be conducting a short interview to ensure you are an active, suitable white label partner and are able to sell these tools.


Becoming a white label partner

After completing the required interview and passing it we will proceed in creating your tool and deliver it in 7-10 working days.

Once you have received your tool you can start the reselling instantly by marketing it on your website, groups, channels and other platforms.

The estimated selling price for each tool is as follows:

Trading Robots = $800– $2000


Protection & after-sales support


Each of our products are license key protected which means each tool will only work for that specific client providing our sellers with the assurance of their EA not being duplicated or misused.

Forex tools are not a one time creation tool meaning these tools need to be updated every once in a while to stay up to date with the markets situation.

After becoming a white label partner we will be charging you a small fee of $30-$60 per license key set and this for overall technical support, updates and free add on features.


1What will your support be after purchasing ?
We will provide all necessary support such as technical supports , updates and add on features
2When do i get the product after purchasing ?
You will receive your product between 7 - 10 working days
3Will you provide customer service for my clients ?
We will provide service to you which you can later provide to your own clients
4Which one of your products is your suggestion ?
All our products are great and unique in their own way the choice is entirely up to you
5is it a one time payment ?
yes the product is a one time payment with a small fee of $30-$60 for every additional set of keys requested
6Will it be a one time payment for my clients ?
This depends on your sales strategy with your clients.
7Can i test the tools begore purchasing ?
All of our products have live and verified results with you can use to monitor and you can also order the product to test before purchasing the white label.
8There are lots of companies and developers out there why should i work with you ?
Yes there are many others out there which you can work with however when it comes to the Forex market it is always required to see at least 6 months of live performance which we have as well as we will provide top quality support and services.
9how should i sell it ?
The method in which you can sell your tools is completely your choice. You can choose to sell the products using your website or directly to your clients.